A brand is more than a logo. It’s every part of an experience, from the name to the look and feel and the tone of voice. Ultimately, your brand is your reputation. It’s what distinguishes you in the market.

At Design by Nature, we work with people and organisations to help define their brand and then create the assets and guidelines they need to maintain that brand across platforms and for years to come. 

Areas of Expertise


A brand’s strategy defines what makes it unique, from its values, vision and mission to how it articulates its story. Our strategies set a foundation for successful brand building.


We build distinctive visual identities that reflect the strategies of businesses, organisations, products and services. Brand identities include a logo, colour scheme, personality and visual system.


A name is a valuable part of any brand. We help choose memorable names for brands, considering many elements, from cultural factors to how they will resonate with a target audience.


Brand guidelines dictate how your brand should be presented across various mediums. Guidelines provide a framework for consistency in design, messaging, and overall representation.