Justice Connect – Legal answers for life’s problems

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Social Justice

Identity design
Publication design

Justice Connect creates a fairer world by finding legal answers to life’s problems. The organisation connects people who need justice to pro-bono legal support and also advocates to change laws that hurt those in need.

This vital mission has a tangible and positive impact on people’s lives, and it was an honour to help the organisation through a comprehensive new brand design and roll-out.

The Justice Connect identity was crafted to convey the accessibility, professionalism and diversity of the organisation. The result is a warm, open and forward-thinking brand.

Interlinking triangles represent scales, an iconic symbol of justice, which have been stylised to show the power of people working together.

The colour palette is friendly and vibrant, communicating the positive difference the organisation continues to make for all. Illustrative portraits complete the brand with an approach both personal and professional.

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Anna Carlile has been working with Justice Connect to photograph their team and partners across Australia. In line with the new brand, the style is warm, natural and personal. 

Locations were chosen within walking distance of the CBD offices, using laneways, parks and public spaces, showing the accessibility of the organisation.

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We developed brand guidelines and a flexible design system for Justice Connect that would allow their in-house team to use the brand across various channels.

We also supported Justice Connect with the roll-out of their new brand through the design of engaging publications, digital assets and a new website. 

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