Design by Nature is a brand and design studio for people and planet.

We are a B Corp certified brand strategy and design studio in Naarm/Melbourne.

For 25 years, we have been uncompromisingly purpose-led and values-driven. We partner with people who share our passion for sustainability, equality and positive impact.

Recent Projects


  • From promoting renewable energy to preventing wildlife extinction, we support national non-profits, grassroots organisations, and everyone in between who is fighting for our natural world.


  • Arts and culture drive change and enrich communities. We collaborate with the makers, thinkers, creators and cultural institutions to inspire transformation together.


  • We are passionate about gender equality. As a female-owned business, we are proud to do our part to support various agencies and initiatives while tirelessly working toward progress.


  • We are fortunate to live in a city that provides exceptional healthcare and is a world leader in medical research. We support those who are creating a future with greater wellbeing for all.


  • Our partners in social justice span a wide range of areas, from housing to the law. We help the helpers who lift everyone to the same starting place in society.


  • We partner with fellow B-corps and other values-aligned clients who offer purpose-led products or services that, like us, exist to improve the future of people and planet.



Design for Sustainability

Sustainability is ingrained in our practice, from concept ideation to material selection and enduring value.

We consider the environmental and social impact of our work at every stage. This includes the long-term viability of everything we do. When considering a new project, our first question is, “How will this make a positive difference to our world?”