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M/Other: A Weekend of Fearless Conversation was a three-day discussion series focused on motherhood in all its complexity, hosted by The Wheeler Centre in Melbourne. Topics ranged from infertility and abortion to non-binary and trans parenting.

Our approach to the visual identity was punchy, bold and creative – a reflection of the contradictions of motherhood itself. Above all, we wanted to embrace qualities of both strength and vulnerability, engaging audiences and making them feel intrigued, uplifted and emboldened.

The Wheeler Centre created a program that was inclusive for all types of mothers. A place to feel welcomed, seen, heard and celebrated. This was an empowering brief for our studio and one we were proud to contribute to through printed and digital applications.

Image courtesy of The Wheeler Centre

A complex and curious typeface

The typeface we chose features a unique characteristic of varying widths and weights, representing different types of mothers and the multifaceted nature of their experience. Our application also leads with boldness, honouring the unique journeys of motherhood. 

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