World of Words – Connecting local readers to global writers

White circular graphic representing the world sits centrally on a bright yellow background

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World of Words was an international speaker series hosted by the Wheeler Centre and partner venues. Through the promotion of the series, the centre was reintroduced as Melbourne’s home of books, writing and ideas.

Our brief was to communicate that this is the place to see big names and starry international talent, live and in-person. That led us to develop a brand that was upbeat, accessible and inspiring.

We wanted audiences to feel welcome and excited to meet their favourite international authors. Through colour and typography, our approach reinvigorated the brand with a fresh energy, and reminded Melburnians of the unique place the Wheeler Centre holds in our City of Literature.

Large bight yellow billboard displayed on street surrounded by trees and fences. Black text on the billboard reads World of Words with smaller text below.
Yellow poster displayed on a wall slightly cast in shadow on the left hand side. Large text on the poster reads World of Words in back. Small black text sits below.
Yellow circle graphic sits on cream background. The circle graphic is made from a radiating curly bracket, creating the shape of a globe.

World of Words brandmark

The brandmark concept crafts a world from the typographic form of a curly bracket repeated in a circular motif.

Over head view of mobile with a yellow screen sitting next to a laptop on a grey background. Text on mobile screen reads World of Words.

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